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rototiller rentalRototiller Rental – Making it easier to get your garden started

For any garden project or planting hobbies, a person doesn’t need to make things difficult by relying on manual labor. Rototiller rental companies provide ease in cultivating tasks and tilling projects. Other than the wide range of tools and equipment offers, these companies also has competitive expertise to make clients accomplish specific projects in a given period of time.

Rototillers are tools capable of cultivating ground and can form furrows for faster seed sowing. However, each tool is designed for specific uses. By determining the size of project and budget limits, the type of rototiller that will be chosen will fit customer’s needs.

Different Types of Rototiller Rentals

Rear-end types are heavy equipment that are suitable for large scale projects. This type costs more compared to the other types, but is effective in tilling compressed soil. Large tillers are described with front rotating wheels that propel the tool forward with simple-to-use gears. This type of tool allows a user to set the depth and can dig twelve to eighteen inches soil surface.

Front-end rototillers are lighter and are recommended for small projects. These have smaller rotating blades capable of digging soil to a depth of three to four inches.

Mini-rototillers are best for small scale tasks and weigh 20 lbs.  Due to these tools’ rotating blades and light weight, these can be easily controlled by a user.

Getting Started With A Rental Company

rototiller rental manAfter deciding on the tool or list of equipment needed, contact companies that offer rototiller rental. Hardware stores, garden tools centers, home improvement shops are among those companies giving rental offers. By inquiring, a customer will be able to compare prices, tools, brands, initial deposits, and hours or days of rental period. Moreover, a customer will even know if the company offers delivery services or store pickups.

When top three rototiller rental choices are made, a customer should compare their terms and conditions. He or she should weigh which rental provides greater advantages. Customer feedback and friend suggestions will also be essential in knowing if the company is reliable or not. Even the way a company’s helpline will be good basis in knowing how well they handle each customer.

When a final choice has been made, a customer will need to submit requirements such as deposit and identification cards to process the order. For in-store rototiller rentals, a customer should ask for demonstrations and try it by him or herself.

Customer Service

rototiller rental 2Standby customer service will be on call in stores or on the telephone to assist clients in ways to operate rented equipment. However, it is important to inspect the tool first before taking it out. This will ensure that a customer will not be using a defective tool and be responsible for damage.

Rototiller rental prices, offers, list of tools, and even services vary with locations and company policies. Some may offer a wide range of tools, while some will have limited offers. Some companies will give discounts, while some will just give low deposit rates. $60 to $80 is the average rental fee for a rototiller. About $50 will be good for one tool for a four to five hour rental period.

Tiller Rental

Tillers: Renting Isn’t A Bad Idea


tiller rentalWithout a doubt, tiller rental is a great help to someone in the midst of financial difficulties. With it, you’ll be able to jazz up your garden without spending too much. This article will help you find the best tiller rental services in the country.

Tillers are used to enrich the soil surrounding the plant. However, it also plays a huge role in composting and cultivation. In short, it is one of the most essential tools in gardening.

The Ashted Group, PLC founded and developed Sunbelt Rentals. Aside from residential, industrial, and commercial rentals, they also offer tiller rental services. In Sunbelt, the customer can choose between branch pick-up and delivery. Sunbelt also offers training programs and credit applications.

Their training program aims to help customers understand the essence of safety in using their products. Credit applications, on the other hand, are for security and delivery. It gives the customer the chance to ensure that the equipment he rented will be delivered on time in good shape. With branches in 34 different states, Sunbelt Rentals is the largest tiller rental company in the United States. Call 1-800-NO SWEAT for details.

best tiller rentalAnother well-known tiller rental company is HERC or Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation. Founded in 1965, HERC never failed to satisfy their customers — landscapers and homeowners alike. In the past 40 years, the company has been committed to their principle of “quality and excellence.” This principle, together with hard work, has helped HERC to become the one of the most successful rental companies in US and Canada.

HERC gives their customers the opportunity to choose between short-term or long-term rentals. Equipment can be rented for days, weeks, months, and even years. Furthermore, the customer is granted with the option of purchasing the equipment just in case he/she would like to keep it. Aside from this, HERC also has rebate and training programs. All equipments are constantly maintained and tested to ensure quality. You may contact HERC by dialing 1-888-777-2700.

Landscaping is indeed a relaxing hobby. Just because you’re short on budget doesn’t mean you can’t start cultivating plants. Other rental companies can be found online. Contact your preferred company now for a tiller rental service.

BCS Tiller

The Amazing BCS Tiller

BCS TillerProlific features at its best – that is how BCS tillers are known in the market. BCS tiller is highly recommended for all lot owners who have their gardens and landscapes frequently renovated, and even for those that want their own resilient and dependable cultivators as well. There is no doubt that the prices of these tillers are very high, but its quality really makes it worthy to buy. Twenty years and still counting – that’s the usual life span of BCS tiller, where in replacements are not often done.

Unlike any other brand of tiller, BCS tiller doesn’t have a strap that gives users maximum control to these tools hassle-free and at their maximum performance. To have a more fulfilling results from using it, customers are given some advice by product representatives to avoid any disastrous thing that may happen, especially for tilling tasks, for soil surfaces may excessively pounded caused by the equipment’s power.

BCS Tiller styleOne of the wide ranges of BCS tillers in the market is the BCS 712GX-5 rear-tine tiller with 160cc. It includes a ring and a pinion gear box which costs all in all for about $2,246. This tool is can till up to 8 inches in depth and 18 inches in width. It is made from tough and sturdy materials. It also has a transmission device and a clutch that is rather automotive-ish. Another unit costs about $3,500 and can till up to 26 inches soil width. Units like the #8C1V0580 engine from Honda and the 732 BCS tiller with 340cc costs $2,935.

Regardless of the unit that you are going to use, BCS tiller ensures you the quality of its units and best results from it. With BCS tiller, you build your desired kind of soil instead of conforming to the kind of soil your garden has.

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